Global Road Warrior

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Global Road Warrior contains 174 country guides with 126 content modules each. Topics include culture & society, travel, education, history, holidays and festivals, language, media outlets, music, maps, money, national symbols, and religion. Illustrated with more than 30,000 photos, maps, and flag images.

  • Serves as a key resource for institutions with programs in cross-cultural studies, women’s studies, and study abroad programs.
  • Provides reference librarians with a single comprehensive resource for 175 countries.
  • Provides students with a one-stop resource for country reports and class projects.
  • Supports non-English speakers with content available in 103 languages.


  • 175 Country Guides
  • 119 Data categories for each, including:
    • Business Culture
    • Travel Essentials
    • Embassies
    • Human Rights
    • Money and Banking
    • Name Structure
    • Religion
    • National Symbols