Test the Waters: Citizen Science : Family Exploration Kit

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Family using a water kit

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The Test the Waters Family Exploration Kit is a fun kit which includes four family friendly activities, and all the instructions and materials needed (audio file guides are available in in Arabic, Chinese, English, Spanish and Vietnamese).

ACTIVITY 1 – Part 1: Water for Life (Lifestyle) Families discover just how much water our bodies are made of. You’ll learn how water helps us stay cool, helps our organs function properly, and breaks down food so our bodies can use it for energy.

ACTIVITY 1 – Part 2: Test The Intestines! (Health) Explore the journey of food through the intestines and imagine how water helps this process.

ACTIVITY 2: Down The Drain (Environment) Find out what storm drains have in common with the clean water you drink. You will see and feel what is going down the drain…be prepared!

ACTIVITY 3 – Part 1: Pipe Up! (Environment) The water coming out of your faucets took a long journey to get there, starting from a reservoir, stream or ground water. Learn how your family can become citizen scientists helping researchers find solutions to keeping our drinking water safe at home.

ACTIVITY 3 – Part 2: Get The Lead Out (Environment) Water pipes can be made of different materials. Families will learn how to test and identify pipes in your home.

ACTIVITY 4: Crowd the Tap Citizen Science Experience (Lifestyle) The mission of Crowd the Tap is to ensure safe drinking water in the United States. Make your home part of the national inventory of water pipe materials! The inventory will help prioritize areas for tap water testing and infrastructure replacement. Find more information on Crowd the Tap.

​The Test the Waters Family Exploration Kits are made available with funds from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the NIH All of Us Research Program.

Learn about the All of Us Research Program.