Snap Circuit Extreme Kit

Have fun learning all about electronics and circuits while building one of 600+ exciting projects with easy-to-identify color-coded parts.

Snap Circuits® teaches basic engineering, electronics and circuitry concepts by using building components with snaps to assemble electronic circuits on a simple “rows-and-columns” base grid. The resulting projects function like the printed circuit board found in most electronic products.

Snap Circuits allows kids to safely experiment with electricity through a variety of activities. Appropriate for Ages 7 & up.

Learn by Doing!

  • Build Over 750 Experiments With 80 Parts
  • Parts Included: Photoresist Or, Power Amplifier, Variable Capacitor, Analog Meter, Solar Cell, Computer Interface, Full Color Manuals

Checkout: 2 weeks by patron who is 18 years or older

Kit made possible through support of the  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) – Region 4 and  Science Kits for Public Libraries (SKPL)

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