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Tons of quality content for teen readers! Audiobooks, ebooks, non-fiction titles, chapter books, graphic novels, and more! Filter by AR or Lexile levels. Borrow up to 10 ebooks or audiobooks at a time with checkout periods of 21 days.


Where can I get more help with Overdrive or Libby? I'm getting a error message?

For detailed walkthroughs and help with more technical questions related to the Overdrive or the Libby apps or if you if you are getting a strange error message at any time while using Overdrive/Libby, you may find a quick solution by searching at help.overdrive.com or help.libbyapp.com.


What is Libby and how does it differ from the Overdrive app?

Libby is the new app from Overdrive. Its features and benefits include: ease of use, no Adobe ID required, faster performance, powerful search with customizable browsing options, and simplified download settings. 

Currently, Overdrive is supporting both their old app (known as just the “Overdrive app”) and Libby. Both Libby and the OverDrive app offer the same content from your library. Regardless of which app you use, the Overdrive website is the same.

Check out the Meet Libby App page for more details!

What Happens When My eBook or Audiobook is Due? How Do I Return It to the Library?

When your eBook or audiobook is due, it is immediately returned to the library. You don’t have to worry about returning it or any late fees. You can return your item early if you are finished with it; this will allow other patrons to check out and enjoy the item. To return an item early, please refer to the steps on this page for Overdrive (app or website) or on this help page for Libby.

If I Place a Hold on an eBook or Audiobook, How Will I Know When It’s Available?

OverDrive will email you when the title on hold becomes available. If you have automatic checkouts on, the book will be available for you to borrow and read the length of your lending period. If you do not have automatic checkouts on, you have 72 hours to check-out the book and the book will then be available for you to borrow and read the length of your lending period.

Why Can’t I Find the eBook or Audiobook I Am Looking for? or Why do I have to wait for a copy? Can't you just make another?

GLADL strives to buy the titles that you want to read. That is not always possible due to the publisher restrictions. If we do not have a title that you are looking for, you can always suggest a purchase. We will be happy to consider purchasing a title for you if it is available.

GLADL purchases a license for each copy of an eBook or audiobook in our collection. The license rules varies depends on the title and often only one person can borrow a copy at a time. We do buy more copies based on demand, so make sure to place a hold if you are waiting for a title.  Some copies are available for multiple users. 


My Library Card Has Been Replaced. Can I Still Use My OverDrive Account?

If you have replaced your library card, please let the library know that you are using OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks immediately. Your OverDrive account is connected to your card number. When your card number changes, GLADL must notify OverDrive in order to transfer your checked out titles and hold