Voter Facts & Information Guide

Every vote counts!

Ready, Set, Go – Register and Vote!

Are you eligible and registered to vote? Every eligible American voter should exercise his or her right to be heard at the ballot box. In Michigan you can register in person and online.  Get #VoteReady! 

Step one: Are you eligible to vote?

Step two: Are you registered to vote?

Step three: Make a Plan to Vote!

A voting plan helps you identify any potential barriers you might have or encounter. You can make a vote plan for yourself or with someone else who might help you. Develop a voting plan by asking yourself questions like:

• What time will you be voting?
• Where are you voting?
• Do you have a mail-in ballot or are you going to the polls?
• How are you getting there?
• Do you need a ride?
• Who else can you bring with you?
• Do you need to take off work or secure childcare?
• Michigan has a voter I.D. laws. Do you have all the necessary documents to vote? Check here.

Looking for your Voter Guide?  Go to Vote 411

Looking to see what is on your ballot – Preview your ballot at the Michigan Voter Information Center

Ready Set Read!

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