Coding Robot Mouse Kit

Meet Colby the programmable mouse!

Children design a maze, then program a sequence of movements into the mouse which, when it runs, will result in it getting to the cheese with the goal of doing it in the fewest possible steps. Helps young children develop skills in problem solving, self-correcting errors, critical and analytical thinking, if-then logic, and distance and spatial concepts. Introduces basic coding and programming concepts in a fun way.

Introduce coding concepts with Colby, the programmable mouse. Use analytical thinking, problem solving skills, and step-by-step programming to get the mouse to the cheese. Colorful buttons match coding cards for easy programming and sequencing with no reading required.

Checkout: 2 weeks by patron who is 18 years or older

Kit Contents:

  • instruction booklet
  • 10 large 2-sided activity cards,
  • 30 small 2-sided coding cards
  • 16 green maze grids,
  • 22 purple maze walls,
  • 3 orange tunnels,
  • yellow cheese wedge,
  • blue robot mouse — Colby!