Sphero Mini STEM Kit

Go beyond coding for hours of fun!
sphero mini robot

Checkout: 2 weeks by patron who is 18 years or older

The Sphero Mini Activity Kit squeezes a huge experience into a tiny programmable robot the size of a ping pong ball. Drive, game, create and get inspired with the guided activity cards, accessories, and construction set. Packed with teeny tiny tech, Sphero Mini has a little gyroscope, accelerometer, and a customizable LED light that glows in any color of your choice.  Control your Mini any way you like through any obstacles you build with the Sphero Play app, or use your robot toy as a game controller for arcade-style games, perfect for playing on-the-go or with limited space. Use the Blocks drive mode to give your Mini basic drag and drop coding commands, or download the Sphero Edu app for more ways to program your educational bot, including JavaScript and Swift.

Once you install the Sphero Play app on your device, you can easily steer the robot and play games, or with the Sphero EDU app, you can program the robot with coding blocks or try more advanced coding with JavaScript and Swift.   Check out our Silverspot tablet — we have preloaded the Sphero apps already.   Kit includes:

  • 1 – Sphero Mini robotic ball
  • 15 Activity cards
  • 28 piece construction set
  • 3 mini Traffic Cones
  • 6 mini Bowling Pins
  • Robotic Ball Cover
  • USB charging cable & block