MI Connected Future

Michigan High-Speed Internet Office
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Everyone in our state can benefit from affordable, reliable high-speed internet service, but more than 30% of Michiganders either don’t have access to, can’t afford, or are missing the skills and technology needed for an internet connection.

We’re getting ready to change that.

Michigan was awarded $1.55 billion from the federal government to expand high-speed internet service and achieve digital equity. Every region and every community in our state has unique needs when it comes to getting everyone connected. We created our Digital Equity Plan Draft with that in mind.

Share a public comment on what you like about the plan and how it can be improved. We need input from them all – and that means, we want to hear from you.


  1. Read the 1-Pager for our region — MICF Region 7
  2. Read the full Digital Equity Plan Draft.
  3. Provide a public comment after reading the Digital Equity Plan by August 15th at 5pm!
  4. Ensure that your home’s service is correct on the FCC Broadband Map.Please replace the address at the top with your residence.