Gale in Context - Opposing Viewpoints

A resource for balanced information on a wide range of topics
Gale in Context Opposing Viewpoints

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Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context) is a great database for topics involving social issues, particularly if your project has an argumentative or position component. The goal is to provide a pro/con discussion of subjects through the use of articles, book chapters, government reports, news transcripts, and many other types of publications. It is also recommended as a starting place for research projects, as it suggests common issues that yield numerous sources.

Similarly to Gale Elementary/Highschool this resource includes a number of useful research tools — the ability to highlight key information within articles and books. Users can also add notes to the content as they read. Then, use the download feature to save any content from Gale (including the notes and citations) directly to Google Drive, or copy and paste it directly to a work cited page.