Electric Guitar

Our thanks to our donor Music Instrument Swap for making our lending Guitar program possible!
Electric Guitar

Checkout: 2 weeks by patron who is 18 years or older

According to the Los Angles Music Teachers Association, there are several advantages to learning to play the electric guitar: 

  • Electric guitars have lighter gauges, thinner necks, and smaller bodies, so they are not only easier to carry around but they are also easier to play than their acoustic counterparts
  • Since the pickups and amplifier project all the sound, the strings are easier to learn.

To take advantage of this lending program, place a hold on the instrument.  When the item arrives at the library, you will be contacted about pickup.  Our kits include:

  • One guitar
  • Speaker/Amp
  • Carrying bag

In addition we have library resources to help you learn — from quick lesson books to books for kids to online materials.  Give it a try and start making music today.

Many thanks to our donor — the Music Instrument Swap and Shawn VanSteeland (musicinstrumentswap.com)

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