Bass Guitar

Our thanks to our donor Music Instrument Swap for making our lending Guitar program possible!
Bass with Amp

Checkout: 2 weeks by patron who is 18 years or older

Many consider the bass guitar to be an important part of almost every song you will want to learn to play. The bass provides tones that are around an octave lower than that of other types of guitars. Tuning a bass guitar is simpler because each string is the same interval apart. This makes scales much easier to play. To take advantage of this lending program, place a hold on the instrument.  When the item arrives at the library, you will be contacted about pickup.  Our kits include:

  • One guitar
  • Speaker/Amp
  • Carrying bag

In addition we have library resources to help you learn — from quick lesson books to books for kids to online materials.  Give it a try and start making music today.

Many thanks to our donor — the Music Instrument Swap and Shawn VanSteeland (

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