AtoZ the USA

A one stop resource for information on the United States of America
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AtoZ the USA is a large-scale encyclopedia of US state and country information. State information isarranged into 103 editorial and image datasets for each state. This provides students with a one-stop reference for state reports, projects, and presentations as well as educators who develop lesson plans and curricula. This resource also supports non-English speakers by providing content available in 103 languages.


FOR US STATES (90 modules)

  • State Plants and Animals
  • Climate
  • Crime
  • Demographics
  • Flags, Seals, and Symbols
  • Politics and Government
  • Image Collections
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • And much more!

FOR USA COUNTRY (106 modules)

  • Religion
  • Historical Timelines (20)
  • Immigrant Groups
  • National Symbols
  • Indigenous Peoples