Citizen Scientist : Observing Pollinators

Learn how to identify and count bees and other pollinators visiting flowering plants in your area with the SciStarter Observing Pollinators kit.
Pollinators Bee on Thistle

Checkout: 2 weeks by patron who is 18 years or older

Pollinators are critical to the world’s agricultural food supply. In recent years their populations have suffered severe declines, especially among honey bee colonies. By gathering observations of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, you can help scientists understand pollinator health and keep our wildlife communities vibrant.

For more information learn about the Great Sunflower Project at

Kit includes

  • Binoculars and lens cloth in nylon carrying case
  • Stopwatch
  • Data sheet and clipboard
  • Bee observer cards
  • “Wildflowers of Michigan” book
  • Project guide
  • 1 package sunflower seeds

Before you return the kit, please complete the survey for Citizen Science Kit Feedback ( Completing this survey is also an act of citizen science! Your contribution will help us improve the kits and develop new resources.

Kit made possible through support of the  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) – Region 4 and  Science Kits for Public Libraries (SKPL)

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