How many ways can you build a robot?

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Cubelets’ unique design makes robot-building simple. Their size and magnetic connections are perfect for users of all skill levels. No need to code – the behavior emerges from your construction. If you can build with blocks you can build with Cubelets.  Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers. Cubelets are magnetic blocks that snap together to make an endless variety of robots.

Each kit includes: 

24 cubelets (1 brightness cubelet, 3 battery cubelet, 1 flashlight cubelet, 2 distance cubelet, 2 passive cubelet, 2 drive cubelet, 2 blocker cubelet, 2 Inverse cubelet, 2 Blueooth cubelet, 1 Maximum cubelet, 1- Minimum cubelet, 1-Knob cubelet, 1 temperture cubelet, 1 Speaker cubelet, 1 Rotate cubelet, 1 Bar graph cubelet)

3-USB chargers.