Imagine Your Story – In Your Own Words

The greatest stories are in our imaginations– Are you a hero, villain, princess, warrior — or all of the above! Do you travel in a medieval world, practice magic in a hidden tower, quest for treasure, sail to a new land? This summer tell us YOUR Story!

Prizes will be awarded for these stories in the Summer Reading Program age groups:

Imagine Your Story prompt #1, July 3, 2020.
“It’s dark… You can hear the dragon, but you cannot see it. You decide to….”

Tell us:
Who are you?
Describe the Dragon.
What happens when you meet?

How to Play: Every Friday July 3rd – July 17, we’ll post a new “Story Prompt” above to help you create your story. There are two ways to play:

1. Submit a response to the prompt OR a finished story by Thursday of the following week.


2. Write one longer story with all the prompts, by July 24.

One submission per person per week. Younger children may dictate stories to parents to submit. We’ll review all submitted stories and begin publishing them on our website so everyone can enjoy your creativity this summer!

Submit your story