Curious GLADL!

Join us Thursdays at 3pm for another virtual adventure! More details on our Event Calendar.

We love hearing from our patrons and hope that you are trying out these experiments and finding ones on your own.  Please send us an email or Facebook messages or photos of your adventures.  We want everybody to be CURIOUS!

Ukulele Play-Along with Roth Academy of Music

Join us, sing and play along with some fun introductory online ukulele classes with Michaela, a ukulele, piano and voice teacher from Roth Academy of Music here in Grand Ledge! Tune in from your house and Michaela will help you learn some chords, learn some easy songs and have musical fun with the ukulele. And even if you don’t have a ukulele, you can still have fun and sing along with fun songs for all ages!

Music chords & information from Roth

Rockets, Rockets, Rockets!
Pump Bottle Rocket!

The pump rocket uses water to displace air inside the rocket housing to build pressure. This pressure will cause a cork to eject and then use the water as a propellant to blast off.

Bubble Art!


All about Oobleck!
Pop Bottle Greenhouse